Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, I thought I should blog something other than food. I'd like to think I have a life outside of the kitchen. Probably not, but it's worth hoping for! Tonight, Cody and Cloe are on a date to a basketball game at Norwalk High School. They are watching a couple of boys from our church play. It's been a peaceful evening! The boys are already in bed. It's just me...and the laptop...on my blog. How truly sad! I guess it's a good thing I enjoyed my social in college and pre-babies so much because it's all kind of gone down the tubes! BUT not tomorrow! It's my birthday! I'm turning the not-so-glorious age of 31! I had a college professor tell me once that even though the years change, your mental state never really leaves hoping your young and cool. I guess that's where I'm at! This morning, Cody let it slip that he has a babysitter coming and we are going on one spectacular date! It's been quite awhile since it's just been the 2 of us! I know I'm using a lot of "!" but it's really that exciting!!! I'm going to have to narrow down the choices of dining and after dinner activities, but I'm sure it's going to great!
Lately my eyes have been literally hurting so bad and seem to be causing me a ton of headaches, so I started calling around to price eye exams. Wowza! It's been quite awhile since I've had my eyes checked, but I'm pretty sure the cost has like tripled! We don't have vision insurance and we also aren't exactly swimming in the cash for medical expenses. But, just as always, God is providing for this need, too! We had a super sweet old man pass away in our church this past week and Cody got to do his first funeral. I am SO proud of him! He studied so hard and really prayed about what to say that would comfort and encourage the family. I think he did awesome! I get a little choked up just remembering how handsome he looked standing behind the pulpit, talking to the family. God has really grown him into a man who loves God and longs to serve Him with everything he has. It's so humbling to me and I often feel so selfish when I compare what I'm doing for God. 2 guys have come to Christ recently because of Cody's contact with them! I'm so excited for him! So, back to my eyes, there's a reward for doing funerals! A little check from the funeral home and it will cover the eye exam! I know it's pretty selfless of Cody to "donate" this toward my eyes, but he says it cheaper than a blind wife! I guess he's always right, too!
Well, that's a little glimpse into my life these days! I did spend quite a substantial amount time at the mall today and found lots of little bargains! The kids were SO good, too! I love them! I'm so glad they don't mind me dragging them around to the mall! Maybe we'll just keep beating these winter blues and head out again tomorrow, too! After all, it will be my BIRTHDAY! hahaha