Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was such a special day! We had the annual egg-bake breakfast--the kids seem to really like those egg bakes! I thought the best part was the worship! Of course, I'm a little partial to the one who plans it--but today, he totally brought his "A" game! We sang (well, I played) all my favorite songs in worship and celebration of the Risen Christ! It really seemed to echo loud in my soul today that Christ died for MY sins--past, present, & future. But then, He conquered that grave and hell. He lives today! One of the most special parts was during singing Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone. As if that song isn't powerful enough, we had an amazing artist, Abby, paint an awesome mural. Names of sins were painted and fit into a cross shape that was then covered with red to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ covering all those sins. It was so powerful! Sins that I am so guilty of were covered and still are covered by the blood of Christ. What a fun time to worship God for His gift of a Savior and that Savior paying the penalty for my sins! Today's service will last as a special memory!
Of course, I can't skip over how cute my 3 little sweet peas looked today! The boys had little pinstriped suits and Cloe wore her "wedding" dress from Aunt Calli's wedding. The outfits also had a little angelic affect on their behavior, too! Maybe we'll be getting all spiffed up everyday!
Cody's family came over for lunch and we had a special time grilling out and enjoying lots of wonderful food! The most fun part was hearing Cloe rave over the fact that Jesus came alive after He died for her sins. She explained it with such passion and clarity! I'm praying that she'll soon understand her need for a Savior!
As an end note--the cakes were soooooo good!