Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A little break-through!

I must admit--I cannot make oatmeal cookies that turn out well for the life of me! AUGH! Last night, I wanted to surprise Cody and make him a few chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies and then make the rest cranberry oatmeal for the kids. The pan of cookies for Cody ran all over like melting ice cream on a screamin' hot day. I told him it was actually special cookie crumble for ice cream. I added some more flour and tried again. The next batch had edges that would nearly be burnt and the tops would be complete dough. Thankfully, the boys aren't super picky cookie connoisseurs as long as it's shaped like a cookie. So this morning, as we headed off to take Cloe to preschool, I passed out the flopped oatmeal cookies. There was a lot of excitement about getting cookies for breakfast!
When I hopped back in the car after taking Cloe inside, the boys were extremely happy and giggly (very unusual for being left in the car alone for 2 seconds). Both boys were waving half a cookie. McClain said, "I share with Carson." Carson giggled and said, "Thank you Clainey!" It was SO cute!
When we got home, the boys got out their toys and started playing. I was in the kitchen, and I heard Carson say, "Love you Clainey." McClain replied, "Love you too Carson." Then they jibber-jabbered at each other--all in complete harmony! It's a miracle!
The rest of the day has gone off without the necessity of spankings! Praise the Lord! It's so nice when you get to see the fruits of the hard work of parenting! Of course, they are heading to my parents' house for the weekend. I think they know. It's all part of their sneaky, devious plan as toddlers. "Let's drive mom nuts and be super naughty so she'll need a break so badly that she calls Grandma. Then we'll go to Grandma and Grandpa's house and be filled to the brim with candy, apple juice, Pringles and canned peaches! The jokes on you mom!"
Anyway, their little lovey behavior doesn't make it easy at all to let them go now, but Cody and I are excited for a quiet weekend! We have a special conference to go to on Sunday night and Monday, so the munchkins will be heading back home on Tuesday. Hopefully the love and harmony will just continue through! If not, I've seen what beautiful harmony can be possible!

(Can you PS on blogs?) If you happen to have a good oatmeal cookie recipe--could you share it--please!!!


peter marie said...

Nothing fancy, but my favorite (besides the apricot ones) is on the inside of the box lid of the quaker oats oatmeal. Instead of butter I use butter flavored crisco. I take them out of the oven a touch early and let them finish cooking on the cookie sheet. That way they're soft and chewy...if that's what you're going for! Glad the boys had such a good day. They sure are cute and sweet!