Sunday, March 2, 2008


When you get married, you automatically inherit certain recipes that are family traditions or the husband's favorites... This one is a definite tradition and a favorite of everyone. These sandwiches are not hard and if you look too hard at what's going in, you might not want one. However, they are yummy, warm, not-too-messy maidrites/sloppy joes. They are the best when accompanied by the other C traditions: chips and Mad Butcher Salsa (made in Ruthven, Iowa--my dad's hometown!), celery, pineapple, and Scotcheroos or Rice Krispie Treats.
We had these sandwiches the other night and my "non-sandwich eating" boys LOVED them--Carson even ate two! Holy buckets, we're going to have to buy a cow when these boys hit their stride! They wouldn't even smile for these pictures--just pure focus!

2 pounds ground turkey (frozen rolls of this are pretty cheap at Fareway)
1 can Campbells Chicken Gumbo Soup

Brown meat. (One pound can be used instead of 2, also) Add soup and simmer until mixture thickens. A little mustard can be stirred in if desired. (We don't do this step b/c we're a ketchup & mustard free house.) Serve on hamburger buns.