Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Recipe Today!

One of my favorite activities of the day is getting the mail! I know that sounds silly, but for me it's finally the time when all the kids are resting, the toys are picked up, dishes are done, floor is swept, and I'm going to get a minute to sit and relax while reading the mail. Well, today when I opened the front door a wondrous surprise appeared! Some sweet little Girl Scout from our neighborhood had delivered our cookies and stuck them in the front door! All I could think was, "God Bless the Girls Scouts!" We got a box of my favorites, Cody's favorites, and one box for the kids (which we'll probably sneak some from, too!). Just an FYI, the "samoas" have now been changed to caramel delites. They are the best!
SO, no recipe today! Go find your own Girl Scout!