Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not a recipe, but still a cool story!

Tonight, Cody took Cloe roller skating with our church friends. I didn't really feel like trying to take the boys roller skating--I'm wobbly enough without 2 two year olds pulling on me for balance, too! So, I took the great opportunity to go to Target with 2 kids instead of three!
I found the BEST deal! I was so excited! We've been a little concerned about all of our immune systems getting worn down due to all this cold weather and the sickness that's been around us... BUT sure enough, God knew exactly what I needed to find! Dannon Yogurt makes this immunity builder yogurt which happened to be on sale for $1.10 (down from $3.99). Now right there was enough to make me smile, but it gets better! Some very generous person left a huge stack of $1 off coupons right next to the yogurt. So, you guessed it, I got the yogurt for 10 cents! Woo-hoo!!!!
Thank you, God, for Target bargains!!!