Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Sneaky Easter!

I realize I haven't actually blogged a lot about what a sneaky mommy I tend to be! I got this great idea from my friend Carrie. I can't take credit for it, but it's a good one! At Easter, our kids are always bombarded with a zillion opportunities to stuff their mouths full of jelly beans. Then would come the annual obligatory Easter basket from the parents--again full of candy! So, Carrie started filling her children's Easter baskets with new sunglasses, flip-flops, swimming suits, and a movie or fun toy. Tomorrow will be our debut of the "candy free" Easter Baskets at the C house! We've got a super stash of movies that I caught as they were released at the cheap prices! I don't know who's going to be more excited to see the Bee Movie again--Cody or the kids! I also picked up cute little sandals for the boys at Children's Place--2 for $5--then take an extra 10% off! Cloe always gets the annual pair of Target brown flowery sandals. They are so cute and last so well throughout the whole summer. We've got some new twisty crayons, too! I actually put it all in a big basket I found at a garage last summer and tied a huge white bow on the top. (My other friend Lydia--the expertise of all at wrapping--would be SO impressed! I might have to post a picture!) So, there you go--my sneaky way around all the jelly bean drool! Don't forget to celebrate the true reason for Easter: Our Savior Jesus Christ is Alive!