Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Birthday Celebration!

We're celebrating Cloe's 5th birthday like the holiday that never ends!
Wednesday, she was the start helper at school and got to take special treats--Dirt Salad! We made chocolate pudding at put it in 3 oz. green cups. Then we topped it with crushed Oreo cookies and tucked in a gummy worm. We used lollipops for our birthday flowers. The kids loved them!
After school, my sister and her 2 kids picked up Cloe and took her out for lunch, to the zoo, and to Target to pick out a present! She had so much fun she wet her pants when she got home! (Yeah, literally! Her poor little small bladder doesn't handle too much excitement very well!) It was alright, though. She got a bath and we headed off to Cubbies at church where she had more birthday treats to pass out! This time they had flower sugar cookies! I'm so glad 2 kids were gone--Cody & I really enjoyed the extras!

Thursday--This morning we actually had to convince her that today was her birthday even though her party is Saturday and she was the helper at school yesterday. Life can be so confusing! However, once the presents came out, the fog lifted! Cody and I gave her 3 little gifts and let her tear into them before the boys got up. We got her a new dress, a set of Barbie makeup (watch out world--we've got purple lipstick!), and a princess book.
After everyone was dressed and ready to go, we headed to Target for our weekly trip. I think we bought 20 pounds of candy for her Candyland Birthday Cake! I'm going to love having those extras around next week during naptime!
Then we headed to Creative Kidstuff. I love this toy store! They were giving away free trees today! We got our little Poplar seedling and picked up a cute little bracelet for Cloe, too.
For lunch, Cloe picked Wendy's. I love her young sense of the value of a dollar! Well, actually, she just loves cheeseburgers! It cracked me up how she thoroughly enjoyed every bite and gave us a play-by-play about how "galicious" it was! We sang "Happy Birthday" to her when she stuck the french fry in her cheeseburger. The boys thought that was riotous! We even met Dr. Jay Jensen--the dentist from Restoration Dental. He walked by us and the kids recognized him from tv and all his adds at the mall. (Maybe that's bad...) He said "hi" and pointed out his picture. Then he actually came back and formally introduced himself and talked to the kids for a minute. How funny--like we met a celebrity or something!
Next, we headed off to Build-a-Bear to pick out an outfit for Cooper. I love this store--they send a $5 gift certificate for every birthday--child or bear! We got a cute little sundress and then put Cooper through the whole air bath, new bows, and dress up.
Lastly, Cloe got her special ice cream treat from ColdStone (another birthday club that well worth signing up for!). She picked the Strawberry Special--it was strawberry ice cream, graham crackers, whipped cream, caramel, and strawberries. It sounds weird, but it was actually pretty good. By this time, everyone was super worn out and ready to head home!
After lovely long naps, we had Cloe's pick of spaghetti for supper. The boys loved this! What a wonderful mess that was to clean up! I'm glad they ate so well, though! Some things are just worth the clean-up!
We all sang to Cloe and enjoyed yummy cupcakes for desert! Then we headed outside and played until it started to rain.
I think I probably enjoyed Cloe's birthday just as much if not more than she did! It was such a fun day! I'm so thankful for my little girl!