Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cake and Frosting!

Why do embarrassing things always have to happen to me?
On Saturday, after Cloe's party, I switched my Facebook Update to "Londa is eating leftover cake." Now, first of all, I hate that update thing. I don't know why I even typed in an update.
SO, later that evening, I changed my update--but the whole eating cake thing kept coming up. I tried to clear it, switch it, trick it...finally I gave up & went to bed looking like a glutton!
Sunday afternoon, I thought I'd check out my Facebook to see if the update would change. NOPE! It would even change for like an hour and then switch back to eating cake. We went to church and I came home to check it out again (yes, I was obsessed with looking like I was eating cake now for 24 hours...vanity...I'll confess). STILL eating cake! I changed it, the new update again stuck for an hour or so, and then just magically went back to eating cake. My super computer literate husband was having me reboot, delete the cookies (that's an ironic name, huh?), and do all sorts of weird things. It finally stayed changed yesterday when I switched it to an update about Ruby. Phew! Now I hope I can clear the status today!
SO, since I must obviously be obsessed with cake, I thought I'd post the recipe I used for Cloe's cake and buttercream frosting. I'll admit--it was good. (but not obsessively, eat it nonstop for 3 days good!)

I know there are a lot of really good recipes for cake from scratch, but I was in a hurry and also needed to know that the cake would turn out well, so I bought 2 Vanilla Betty Crocker Cake mixes. It just so happened that the lady checking us out at Target was the cake decorator from the bakery, but they were so busy, she had to check. (I love it when God does things like that!) She told me their bakery uses milk instead of water and the mix will always taste like it's from scratch. It totally worked! ALL of Cody's family raved about the cake and asked for the recipe! (hmmm...2% milk!)

Through Facebook, I've gotten reconnected with a friend from college who's a pastor's wife and has a cake business on the side. She shared her buttercream frosting recipe with me! It's SO yummy! (I'm pretty sure it will clog an artery, too!)
1 c. Crisco
1/2 c. butter
2 lb. powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. cold milk
Cream all together really well with a mixer. This frosting was super easy to use and is great for decorating, too!

So, there you have it. My cake obsession...I'll not be updating my facebook with any talk of food from now on!


Alisa said...

:) that is hilarious!

peter marie said...

Thanks for the cake mix tip! Do you happen to know how to go about making that a chocolate butter cream frosting??