Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cloe's Birthday

Today my sweet little Cloe turned 5! I can't believe five years have passed since that dreary, rainy day at Mercy Hospital that ended with the sun coming out, a full rainbow, and a beautiful baby girl!
I've seen on several blogs where moms write a birthday letter to their child, so here it goes! Maybe someday Cloe will enjoy reading through this little blog! (Guess the secrets will be out then, too!)

My sweet little Cloe,
Five years ago when the doctor placed you in my arms, my heart immediately felt like it was going to burst with love for you. That love has grown so much deeper and stronger than I could have ever imagined. You are such a sweet girl who's always looking out for other's feelings and trying to make people smile. I love your hunger to learn about God and to have the Bible read to you. I love how you sing old hymns at the top of your lungs. I love how you try to teach your brothers to be kind and loving (and sometimes get a little tackled in the process).
You are so special to me (and your daddy, too)! I beg God to put a gigantic hedge of protection over you everyday, especially as you head off to kindergarten this fall! I pray that God will show you your need of a Savior and that you will accept Christ soon! I also pray that God will protect your health and keep you safe from disease and illness. I pray that you will surrender your heart and life to do whatever God wants you to do with your life. I pray that someday you'll find the perfect man that God has for you & that you'll both have kept yourselves pure for each other. I pray that God will give you good friends who also love God and will encourage you to keep growing!
There are so many things I pray for you on a daily basis, but the most important is that you'll glorify God with your whole life.
I'm humbled that God chose me to be the mommy to such an amazing little girl! I hope you know that I'm trying to be the best mom I can be, with God's help, and I pray that you'll forgive when I don't exemplify the godly characteristics that I should.
I hope we are always as close as we are right now! I love how you chatter my ear off and love to go shopping with me! You are my very special little girl! I love you with all my heart!