Thursday, April 24, 2008

A cute article

I was reading an article on getting kids to eat veggies and giggled out loud as I read this paragraph!
"But my real solution? Honestly? You're going to hate me because this is not a quick fix in a freezer bag or the key buried in a sloppy joe. It's patience. I put kale on his plate and put kale on his plate and put kale on his plate, and my son tried it and grimaced and we praised him for trying it and pages flew off the calendar and his beard grew down to the floor, and then one day he ate it without comment. And then one day he ate it and said, "This is actually not as bad as I thought!" After which a pair of bluebirds draped around my shoulders the very banner of joy."
I'm waiting for the bluebirds and banners at my house!


Alisa said...

Kale!? That's amazing (first of all that she prepares it and that the child ate it!). This blog inspires me to feed my children much better than I do!