Monday, April 21, 2008

I LOVE Mondays!

Mondays are Cody's day off, and I love the time our family gets to spend together! We have had several "interrupted" Mondays, so it was wonderful to have our normal fun day back!
Our friends Mike and Liz hung around for part of the day, too. Cody and Mike took Cloe to school and Liz and I hung out with the boys. Cloe LOVES Mike and thought he should sit in the back seat with her on the way to school. (He didn't though:).) Then for lunch, we traveled down to Spaghetti Works--KIDS EAT FREE on MONDAYS! That is absolutely the highlight of the whole day! The kids love the salads and usually just make a small dent in their spaghetti or pizza, so we have enough leftover for lunch on Tuesday! It's cheaper than McDonalds when the kids eat free!
It was such a beautiful day! We enjoyed coffee from Java Joes and then our family hung out and watched some construction workers pour cement into new sidewalks. I love how curious our kids are about the world around them!
Then on the way home, we picked up the COOLEST murals for the boys room! They are better than anything we could ever have imagined! Cody and I just sat and stared at them in the living room while the boys napped! Our favorite artist painted them! I can't believe how God continues to bless us with things that are "more than you could ever ask or imagine." I don't know if the murals are exactly what that Bible verse would be "bent" toward, but these murals really are a huge blessing as we start to make our Big Boy Room!
The day actually continued on a high note--even though it included a visit to the dentist...augh! My mouth is still rilling from the digging! The dentist is the guy I use to nanny for and he happened to find a small little cavity (another augh!), but he offered to fix it and then--for free--whiten my shady tooth in the front! That's a huge blessing, too, since insurance doesn't cover the whitening of teeth--too cosmetic! I'm so glad to fix that dumb gimpy tooth! He also wants me to give his daughter piano lessons! I'm praying that I'll soon have an opportunity to share Christ with our dentist and the kids! I LOVE those kids and can't wait to be apart of their lives again--even if it's just a 20 minute lesson!
So, now the kiddos are in bed, Cody's reading his daily Bible reading, and it looks as if I'm just rambling on!!!
Tomorrow it'll be back to the grindstone of slaving over the hot stove! Weekend fun will be over! Oh well--this week has a lot of fun in store--Cloe's 5th birthday is Thursday! I love my little princess!