Thursday, April 10, 2008

A little braggin'!

Usually I find myself regretting having told people how naughty my children have been. I don't want to become one of those negative, nagging moms! So for the last few days, I have really been noticing what little angels my 3 darlings have become. (Not that life has been perfect, but God is really showing His faithfulness!)
A huge problem in the past has been the anxious squeals that come out as food or vitamins or treats are given to one sibling while the others wait. I've been working so hard on teaching patience--something I still have to teach myself daily! Well, we're getting there! I can pass out vitamins and the others just stand pleasantly waiting! Yeah! I told them today how proud mommy was for their super job at patiently waiting! McClain said in his little gruff voice, "Yeah, I wait nice!"
Another triumph has been a little peace so I can use the bathroom--alone. Carson popped his head in the bathroom yesterday and said, "Bye, Bye mom! See ya! I'm goin' to work!" Then he just left and played with Cloe and McClain. So nice, compared to the fighting for who can stand closest to mommy while she goes potty. I know--that's gross, but I guess I'm just that cool! :)
I love how my children beg for Bible Stories at night, sing at the top of their lungs "Amazing Grace", run over and give "unasked for" love with hugs and kisses, ask each other for forgiveness and say they are sorry...
I think my little ones are starting to just grow up too fast! Carson wants to sit on the potty all the time and McClain just randomly started counting to 10. Yesterday Cloe sat and "read" her Bible (with her sunglasses on) for almost 20 minutes. She told me last night that she thought she would ask Jesus to be her Savior soon. She also told Cody one night that she really wanted to follow Jesus. We've explained salvation to her, and I think the understanding of it all is slowing coming. I'm excited that she is so tender to God and even is understanding what it means to follow Christ.
I'm so thankful for the wonderful children God has given us! Even when it's hard to stay consistent with discipline, days like today make it so worthwhile! I know God is faithful--He's given me strength on days when it's hard to be a mommy and has shown that obedience brings blessings!


peter marie said...

Yeah!! Your hard work is paying off. The boys might have to teach Henry their new patience tricks. He could use a dose!