Monday, April 14, 2008

Londa's Quesadilla Cafe

We LOVE quesadillas at our house! I've gotten pretty creative with them, too! We have a kids' version, Londa's special, and Cody's hot-to-trot quesadilla! Anytime we have college kids over, we usually end up with a new twist, too!
Here's how you start:
2 Flour tortillas (the whole wheat kind are actually pretty good, too)
Lots of Cheese
Spices and veggies of your choice

Kids' Special:
I lightly butter the tortilla and put it in a hot pan. Then I top it with cheddar, mozzarella, or any other cheese I have on hand. Sometimes, I sneak in a few small pieces of broccoli. Top this with another lightly buttered tortilla. Flip carefully. Snip into pizza pieces with kitchen sheers.

Londa's Special:
To save a few calories, I just spray my tortilla lightly with cooking spray and put it in a hot pan. Then I top mine with a little of an Italian Blend or mozzarella cheese. Next I place several thin slices of tomatoes and few leaves of fresh spinach (if I have it on hand). Then I sprinkle the whole thing with dried basil. Top it with a little more cheese to hold it together. Place the top tortilla on and flip really carefully! Cook it until it's golden brown and crisp on both sides.

Cody's Hot-to-Trot Version:
Place a butter tortilla in a hot pan. Top with cheddar cheese (most recently I tried cheddar/jack jalapeƱo cheese). Next I sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes and diced green onion over the top. If we have extra taco meet on hand, I also add some of that...Top with tortilla and cook until super golden and crispy.

Other things we've added include mushrooms, grilled chicken, banana peppers, leftover shredded Italian beef, scrambled eggs, bacon, black beans and a host of other veggies!

I think someday it would be great fun to own a Quesadilla Cafe! I could just list off ingredients and customers could make their own unique creations. Then we could have famous people create one. Maybe we could have one called the Jeriann special (yeah, we think a lot of our weather lady)! So, there's the dream. Probably one that will have to stay in the closet, but at least it's there and my family is enjoying it!


Alisa said...

Mmmmm... That gets my mouth watering. Your children are beautiful! I really need to meet you. I feel like I've been getting to know you through your blog and that we could sit down and have a great conversation. I will try and make it to MOPS with Abby one of these Friday's.

Jenn said...

Your enchilada's sound good, we do eat a lot of mexican food at our place. We do a lot of left over burritos for breakfast. The options are endless with tortillas. I think I may use this site for dinner ideas in the future. I like all the yummy and healthy recipes!