Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh no!

Do I look like this, seriously?
This picture was actually taken the Sunday before Cloe was born--almost 5 years ago!

Here's why I ask, last night I was holding the boys' hands and getting Cloe to follow along when this little old lady said, "Oh my, you certainly have your hands full." Yes...friendly reply, blah, blah... "Oh, and number four on the way. Oh my!" I quickly said no, I'm not pregnant. Then Cloe, is her most charming of ways, looked at the old lady and said, "She's lying!" The old lady looked and me and "smiled, knowingly." I told her I wasn't and scolded Cloe. Then the old lady looked at Cloe and winked and Cloe just grinned and nodded. AUGH!
SO, I guess I'll be looking into the Flat Belly Diet. Seriously. It's so wonderful when children learn to talk and "make their needs known." BUT this whole humor thing is really taking me for a loop! We'll be learning about appropriate joking today!


peter marie said...

Oh, Londa. You look great! Seriously.

I have a funny story about an old lady too. I was at Penney's yesterday looking at their rack of $1.97 clothes (sweet!!) and had a cute blouse in my hands. This lady, probably 60-65, with the same blouse in her hands as mine, asked me if I thought this blouse was too "old ladyish" for her. I convinced her that it wasn't at all old ladyish and we both ended up buying the blouse. Am I cool, or what?!?