Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some big news!

So, Cody and I thought we were done with three...but!

Sorry for the lame April Fool's Joke! I've always loved this little holiday, but have never been very good at pulling any spectacular prank off. Every year in elementary school, I would have the bus driver drop me off at my grandparents' house and then call my mom and tell her I was in big trouble in detention at school. To which she always replied, "Ok, Londa. I saw the bus stop at Grandma's now hurry home, you have to practice the piano before supper." Yes, I was a nerd. While other kids built forts and rode their bikes, I played the piano.
Then as time went on, in college, I'd call home and say I was engaged. Usually they'd ask who I'd started dating overnight...I was such a lame girl!
Then after marriage, it was the call home that we were having a baby. My mom would get really excited for about 30 seconds until she looked at the calendar...
When I was a teacher, I'd give the kids mini-heart attacks and pass out the spelling tests a day early, tell them we had to skip recess and do more work...I'm sure they thought I was a nerd, too!
SO, I've never pulled off the greatest April's Fools Joke, but the day is fun! I'll have to think of something the kids can pull off on Cody tonight! Need to keep the lamo pranks going! (Hopefully the kids won't outsmart me!)