Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Seven

I'm stealing this idea from another blog I saw, but I think it's a pretty cool way to end my Sunday / start my week!
1. I'm so thankful for awesome in-laws who faithfully come super early on Sunday mornings to dress my children, feed them donuts, and most of all, love on them!
2. Our awesome church family is just blowing me away with their love and concern for little Ruby and their encouragement for "the staff" as we wait for a new pastor! I think I got the most hugs and hand-shakes today & it was amazing to see eyes full of compassion and love. I love Willow Creek!
3. My sweet little Clainey does somersaults like a crazy circus clown all around his crib. It is the CUTEST thing I think I've ever seen!!!
4. Cloe got the cutest little pixie hair cut ever! For her birthday, Grandma Carolyn treated her to a haircut at the Aveda Salon. (Actually, I'm trying hard not to real with jealousy over this one!) Another great mother-in-law moment!
5.Being with our friends has been really refreshing and fun! Mike did have a moment where he "cleared the room." That was awkward. Probably shouldn't have counted that in this list! (shhhh.....)
6. This is beginning to sound like the In-laws fantastic Sunday Seven...but Dave, my father-in-law, gave me $25 for the pop cans of ours that he took to the redemption center in Creston for us. (You have no idea how helpful this is rather than struggling with 3 kids to chuck all the cans in those machine--which I always break!) AND the "father-in-law" brought me back a Tropical Smoothie from Dairy Queen! I know! A treat I don't even buy myself! I love it!
7. I guess this stems back to the in-laws: My AMAZING husband who continues to amaze me at his sensitivity to God. The man who's moved to tears at the sorrow of others, sensitive to my every need, helpful in every way, so full of integrity that it literally made his body ache to have his questioned...I could go on and on, but God knows! I'm couldn't be more thankful for the love of my life!
That's it! My Sunday Seven!!!!


peter marie said...

I saw this same blog and LOVE the idea. I've realized that I really need to be more thankful and there is so much to be thankful for!

Glad you had so much fun at MOPS! Can't wait to see your finished bird family.