Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Sunday Seven!

Doing these Sunday Seven has made me realize how fast the weeks really fly by! I'm so glad that God continues to just fill me up with great things to be thankful for and to praise Him for!
1. I'm so thankful for our friends, Trent and Lydia. Baby Ruby started her chemotherapy on Friday, and it's so amazing how God is sustaining their family with so much grace, endurance, faith, and peace! They are having an incredible testimony! I feel so privileged to have them as friends!
2. Carson and McClain are already able to be off of their breathing treatments! Yeah! Praise the Lord for how quickly their little lungs recovered from this last round of trouble!
3. Praise the Lord for tulips! Spring is such an awesome reminder of the handiwork of our Brilliant Creator! Really--didn't HE do an amazing job with all of nature!
4. Tonight, my sister-in-law Calli brought me supper after I put the kids in bed. It was really sweet of her! Selfishly, I had wanted to stay at church and be able to socialize with the girls during the guys' basketball game...but I knew I should put my children's needs first and take them home to was cool to see how God gave me that little reward for doing the right thing!
5. We have one amazing Young Marrieds Class! As my friend Lydia has said when she's overwhelmed with gratitude, "I could just kiss you if that wouldn't be super awkward or anything!" We are doing meals for Trent and Lydia to have in their freezer and we got an overwhelmingly huge response! Such generosity! It's humbling and challenging to see their gift of mercy come through during this time!
6. This may seem silly, but I'm so thankful that God continues to help me find great bargains on kids' clothing! At the right time and at the right place, I'm always finding exactly what we need for exactly what I have in the budget to spend! I love price tags that end in $ .97 or $.04 or have a highlighted slash! Good deals!
7. Hmmmm...already to number seven! I'm really thankful my parents are home safely from visiting my brother and his family in France. They had a great time, and I get to talk to my mom on the phone every day again! I missed that! I did get in really, really good with my grandma by calling her multiple times a day while my mom was gone! I call them both a lot, so it's nice when their both at my every beck and call! They both are totally my secret support system for encouragement, advice and unconditional love for everything!!!