Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A boo-boo and a great summer salad!

Today the boys and I enjoyed a really long walk--with both of them actually walking along! (I felt pretty brave!) Just as we were rounding the corner to go home, Carson tripped on the sidewalk. (This was strange since McClain is usually the clumsy one, but he was holding on for dear life to my hand because of a Fed-Ex truck zooming by!) Carson hopped up and a few steps later he said, "My leg's owwy!' I looked and sure enough, it was all scraped up! Our first bunged up knee of the summer! The silly part was that Carson was totally fine with his scraped knee until I put a band-aid on it. Then we had about 20 minutes of crying, whining, wanting daddy, saying owwy....I guess next time I'll just leave it alone and hope we don't get too much blood on anything!
On a good note, we enjoyed a super yummy pasta salad today! I had some left-over grilled chicken that I cut into cubes. Then I boiled and chilled some whole-wheat elbow macaroni (Barilla's is the best--it's got little ribs on it). I cut up some broccoli and celery--I wished I had more veggies, but tomorrow's grocery day! Then I tossed it all together and added a little Light Caesar dressing and a few sprinkles of parmesan cheese. Everyone loved it, and it tasted so fresh and healthy! The boys loved that the veggies were "covered" in dip! We'll be having this again next week--only hopefully we'll have a whole bunch of other fun fresh produce to throw in!