Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm sure blessed!

This week was kind of a frustrating week. The boys had allergies turn to colds turn to asthma problems turn to behavior problems. Then they shared it all with me (well, maybe not the behavior problems...)! It was yucky weather when we wanted to be outside. Errands took forever. Gas was and still is too expensive. Money is in short supply. Obviously, my pity party's starting to really take off. Then tonight we spent some time with a group of people from church. I absolutely LOVE these times together. We get to see each other's houses, get to know each other better, and it's just fun to have the company of friends. It also helped me put things into perspective. A couple of the moms in the group work full-time and leave their precious babies behind at daycare. I am NOT writing a blog to pass judgment on moms who work--that's totally between them and their husbands and God--you do what God leads you to do. That said, as we drove home, I couldn't help but think about how hard it would be to drop my kids off at daycare every morning and leave them for a WHOLE day. Sometimes, I'd die for just an hour away--but 8 hours. No thanks! The more I thought about it--the lunches alone at work without sticky fingers, no naptime snacks, no cuddles and kisses, no wiping anyone's nose, no coloring with markers and crayons, no seriously made my stomach hurt so bad I felt nauseous. I am so in love with my children! I am totally dreading having Cloe go to kindergarten for the whole day this fall. Missing her is the only thing that would ever make consider homeschooling right now. (Not that I'm against that either...boy am I insecure about my own opinions or what!) All I can say is, "Thanks Lord for giving me a fresh perspective on these seemingly endless days where I've realized I would want nothing else!"
Here's a few photos from our messes and our sweet times:
This may look like a mess to most people, but it kind of made me smile. Cody had been trying to teach the boys to take a little toilet paper and wipe their own noses. (I don't know why he chose toilet paper, the kleenex are in the front room...but that's beside the point!) McClain was SO sad that he couldn't get just a little--evidently I bought the too strong kind of toilet paper. It only took us a couple of days to use this bunch . The boys also found the real kleenex and are doing much better!

The boys are both back on breathing treatments which mean absolute hyper-activity almost 24/7. When they finally crashed last night, Carson just couldn't seem to let go of his best buddy. He's also our little sweaty monkey, but we're not chopping those curls--sorry Mom!

Cloe may have ants her in pants everytime we absolutely MUST sit still, but she sure put out a cute grin for this one. Cody just took this right during the service while the guy was preaching--it was getting a little long and the kids all needed some extra form of entertainment!

There are my blessings. Hopefully when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the "blessing" of 3 whiny, cooped up, snot-nosed, endlessly hungry children, I'll remember that I could be stuck in a cubical for 8 hours...ugh! Thank you Lord for the best occupation I could have--MOM!


peter marie said...

I hear ya!! I've often thought that if I had my mom in town to watch Henry I'd work part time away from home or something but I know when it came down to it I just couldn't and love being at home. I'm thankful we have such hard working husbands so we can stay home! Even though the days get long....:) That's why it's good to have so many stay-a-home mom friends. I can't imagine life without them!