Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Meandering Mind

Whew--turn off the TV! I was just flipping through channels and saw Senator John McCain on the Ellen Show. Ellen was trying to nail Senator McCain for his views on marriage...sickening! At the same time I'm so totally filled with compassion for where Ellen will spend eternity. So lost!
The boys and I are snot-nosed creatures today! I think what started out as allergies has morphed into some nasty colds. We are popping the vitamin C tablets like crazy! I hate it when we get colds! I had just been a little too confident in our cold-free winter...that bit me in the bud!
I know I should just take it easy and rest, but I get this weird freakishly clean streak when someone has a cold. I've dusted, vacuumed every square inch of our house, washed all the sheets in hot water with a little extra detergent, cleaned all the bathrooms...Cody probably wishes someone had a cold everyday! Not really--although he does LOVE a clean home!
I had a few slight heart-palpitations this morning when Cody called and told me the price of gas! Holy Toledo! If you see a bag-lady with a bike cart headed for Target, that will just be me! We're trying to hold out as long as possible on getting a new vehicle since the one we have is paid for--however, sportin' 14 miles to the gallon is sooo not cool right now! This is putting every inch of me to the test to commit even my worries about gas prices to the Lord! I know HE is in control and will continue to provide for our needs...I just hate to have to be testing that SO much! BUT, I have to remember God is good! When we are wise with our money and generous to give back to HIM first, HE will take care of us! This morning I was able to save $35 with all my hoards of coupons...I have to belief that God dropped those coupons in my lap and provided me with wisdom to find the deals...
The kids enjoyed this simple little meal for lunch. It's not my favorite, but it is a nice warm comforting meal...Bubble Pizza.

Bubble Pizza
2 tubes of biscuits
pizza or spaghetti sauce
Hamburger, (browned and drained)
Mozzarella cheese

Pour a generous amount of sauce in bottom of baking dish (8x8 or a round dish).
Top with meat. Cut biscuits into quarters and place on top. Top the entire thing with cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes or until cheese is golden and bubbly.

Gotta run--the boys have awakened from their slumber...


peter marie said...

If we start walking now, we could meet at Valley West for a play date tomorrow morning to save on gas. Depressing, huh??