Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Seven

On Saturday, the boys found their Thomas undies in their closet that Grandma had bought awhile back. They were smitten with these little funny things, SO we put them on and tried our luck! TWO HOURS of dry undies! Woo-hoo! No tinkle on the potty yet, but it's a start! I'll have to admit that I don't think I've seen anything cuter than these skinny little boys sportin' new undies! They were pretty tickled with the whole thing, too!

Then, Cloe decided to turn all big girl on me and start taking showers--all by herself! She loved shampooing her own hair and thoroughly enjoyed the whole echoing "singing in the shower" thing, too! What a big girl! I didn't think I would ever see the day that she wouldn't care if water got in her eyes! Maybe there's hope in the swimming area after all!

I feel pretty blessed by these little munchkins God has given us to take care of! I totally miss having my babies, but yet feel pretty overwhelmed at the little cutie patooties they have turned into! They got a huge crack out of repeatedly telling me Happy Mother's Day today! I even heard several wonderful renditions of Happy Mother's Day to you...

(So, there's 3 of my Sunday Seven!)

The next one may seem kind of weird, but I found this little nest in the wreath by our front door. I'm not really a bird lover (or any animal for that matter, sorry!). So, I was trying to get the wreath down to shake out the nest, when I saw these three little eggs. Even I, in my total non-bird-loving state, couldn't shake that nest out and take the life of those three little growing eggs! SO, back up went the wreath. We've been watching Little Wilma Wren come and take care of her babies. It's pretty amazing how God designed birds and even weaved in beauty and uniqueness in each nest and egg. (Notice, 2 are solid colored and 1 is speckled--pretty cool!)
Today was a great Mother's Day! I am really thankful that I have a wonderful mom, a super mother-in-law, the most amazing grandma ever (she's 92!), an incredible sister, and 3 great sisters-in-law! The coolest part is that they all know Christ as their Savior, love God, and want to live lives that are pleasing and glorifying to God! I believe that's probably a true miracle to have in today's society!

Today, I also got to spend some time with Lydia--Ruby's mom, my great friend, and most of all--my "co" pastor's wife! I really didn't have a lot to say to her--I just totally enjoyed being in her company! I love the little bond we have as the "L" sisters! I'm also so thankful that Ruby continues to do well!

Lastly, I'm super thankful for a night out last night with CODY! We went out with some friends from college that we haven't seen for YEARS! We both live in Des Moines--but they're "EAST SIDERS!" I was tricky! I love how easy it is to pick up with old friends when CHRIST is the common bond! We had tons of laughs, but also both went away feeling so encouraged! I hope it's not another 8 years before we go out again!

Well, tomorrow starts another new week! It will be a packed one--Cody has jury duty (in Adel--isn't that like an hour away!?!), possibly a trip to Iowa City to see our friend who just had a brain tumor removed, a field trip to the zoo, our last MOPS of the year, and a funeral on Saturday for our dear friend and a super mentor to me, Marilyn Jensen.

Maybe I'll have baby birdies on next week's Sunday Seven!!!