Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Seven

#1: On Monday we got to take a little trip Iowa City. The boys were SO excited to ride in Cody's car (better gas mileage)! Cody dropped the kids and I off at the mall while he went and visited an old friend in the hospital. It was so nice to get away as a family--even if it was only for day!
#2: The funeral yesterday was for a very sweet lady who greatly impacted me as a mom and pastor's wife. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to know her even if it was for just a short time. The one thing she told me that I will always remember is that just because Cody is a pastor doesn't mean my children have to miss out on exciting things in life. When her boys were young, she made a list of things she wanted them to experience before they left home--it included a major league baseball game, a ballet, an opera, a Broadway show, a "good" amusement park, a trip to the nation's capital, and many other things. She proudly told me that everything on her list and more had been accomplished before the boys graduated. That may seem little, but I loved that she set goals & worked hard to achieve them for her children's benefit.
#3: I'm so thankful for my sweet little niece, Abby. She has alopecia areata and will soon probably lose all of her hair, but God has given her a sweet spirit and a special oblivion to this. She's our little miracle anyway because my sister was never suppose to have children. Abby came along on Mother's Day in the afternoon six years ago. I know God made her just especially for our family and I know He will protect her through this condition also.
#4: My friend Dana surprised me with a Starbuck's Mocha at church today! YEAH! I just love her! (and the mocha, to0!)
#5: I am so thankful for the WEATHER! Just when I was ready to despair, spring beauty has come to my rescue! We've got the freezy pops--we're officially ready for summer!
#6: I'm REALLY thankful for our MOPS group and especially all the moms from our church who helped make it run so smoothly! Friday was our last meeting of the year, but it was exciting to have five moms who don't know Christ all show excitement in coming back next year. Seeds have been planted and I know God is going to work through our group!
#7: I'm thankful for a God of second chances. I screw up, act selfishly, and do many other various things, but He still shows grace to me! AMAZING!