Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Seven

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon today! The boys are napping, Cloe's watching a movie, and Cody is buying meat for the church picnic tonight...ah, peace!
Here's a few sillies for the Sunday Seven:

#1. I'm really thankful for DVD players and cute, entertaining cartoons...can't ever get enough of Mater!

#2. I'm thankful for our Wii that I stood in a long line to pre-order a year ago at Christmas, then sold it on Ebay and made enough to get one for our family! :) We rented the new Mario Kart and even got to play it against Cody's brother and his wife in Michigan! That almost made the miles not seem so far!

#3. After spending some time walking at the mall this week, I'm really thankful that I have pretty friendly children (most of the time). So many people didn't even respond to our "excuse me" or "hello" or even just a smile. Rude! I thought Iowa was suppose to be a friendly, down-home type of place to live! I'm trying to do my part to help that!

#4. I'm thankful that even when I stumble into feeling materialistic and greedy, God still finds grace enough to allow me to find great deals on some new clothes! Here's one of the shirts I found at GAP for $3.97 this week! Yeah!!! (Of course, I look just like this model in it, too!)

#5. Coffee...lots and lots of coffee this week...need I say more!

#6. Pop was on sale at Fareway last week! That may seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but pinching the pennies means that pop is a luxury not a necessity. So for the next month, I'm going to try and stretch out the wonderful, sweet fizzy goodness as much as I can!

#7. Most of all, I'm thankful that God accepts me for exactly who I am: a sinner saved by His grace and dwelling in it each and every day! Most days, I say or do at least one, if not a dozen, things that I later rehash or regret in my mind. Sometimes I wonder just how big of a dork I am perceived to be by those around me. At the same time, I know Satan is working hard to make me feel insecure so I won't be confident in Christ. SO, I love to dwell in the fact that yes, I am a dork, I say and do silly, dorky and moronic things, BUT I'm totally covered in grace and loved endlessly and unconditionally by my Savior. I think that's probably the best thing ever!