Friday, May 2, 2008

Tulip Time!

The Tulip Festival is my favorite little spring trip to take! Cody and I have gone every year (except one) since we started dating...May of 1997! Augh! I'm so old! I'd post pictures, but, of course, we didn't even had a digital camera back then!
The most exciting year was the first year we took Cloe! She was just 7 days old! I tell you what, that car ride hurt like the dickens! I nursed her in the car when we got there, then we ate yummy pizza at George's (where I nursed her again), then we walked around a little, watched the parade, and decided to head to the car (where she would need fed again!). The joys of a newborn! The only bad part was that we couldn't find our car! This had never before and has never happened again! (It does make a good story, though!)

Each year as she gets a little older, it just gets better and better! She LOVES those beautiful tulips and is so animated about each little batch we come across! The boys are becoming just as fun, too! We loaded up for the "ooo-whip festiball" today! They hated to leave the "festiball", too!
I could write more and more about our wonderful little adventure, but I'm totally worn out! I'll let the next few pictures tell the rest of the fun memories!

Sure the tulips are beautiful, but Smokey Row Coffee and Dutch Letters are the real draw!