Monday, June 2, 2008

An Addendum

Yesterday's Sunday Seven only got me through Friday and there was so much more packed into our weekend and today!
Saturday turned out to be one of the most unexpected fun days in quite some time! The over 3 hour drive from Estherville was filled with sights of flooded fields and rivers...a change in scenery always helps that long, flat drive! Then for lunch, we were able to celebrate a first birthday with a sweet little boy from church. It was quite the impressive party, too! Cody and I both agree that we don't think we have as many friends combined as that one year old has!
That evening, Cody's parents came up to babysit and we got to go on a little date with some friends to celebrate their anniversary. (Which, by the way, celebrating an anniversary with friends out for dinner is by far the best idea anyone has had in a long time! It was a very fun evening!) Here are some pics I stole off the internet of all the fun places we went! The Chef's Kitchen is an amazing little restaurant, but next time, I think I'll skip the pickle things! RJ was right...stomach killer!
The legendary Snookies lived up to all the hype! Super yummy ice cream that definitely deserves a repeat visit!
Then it was off to Mars Cafe--another super cool place I'd never been before! I'm not sure if the highlight was the naked rear-end on the Russian Mockumentary or the be-bopping DJ's at their little laptops doing the techno music...such a toss up! I love getting out of my little brown house bubble! It was a very nice inviting place to spend time with friends and also had great coffee! I hope we get to celebrate more anniversaries in this same way!

Yesterday was of course super busy and tiring, but there was one fun little surprise! Who knew Aveda concealer could be so great!?! Thanks to Calli and her "back bar" orders, this face is enjoying some new concealer at a super low price...a cup of coffee for the mother-in-law!

Today was Cloe's five-year check up! Holy schmoly, where did the time go!?! It felt weird to have her answering kindergarten readiness questions. I did have a super proud mom moment though! Dr. Coggi always takes the kids through a little developmental testing to see how they compare in age-appropriate skills. When he finished with Cloe, he looked at me and asked, "So, did she just turn six?" She had reached all the milestones and skills through age six! I was so proud of her (and thankful for God's grace in helping her remember which foot was left and which one was right)! Unfortunately, this great appointment ended with four shots in her legs...ouch! She didn't even pretend to put up a tough front; she just let the sobs out the minute they brought the shots in the room. Thankfully, four dum-dums later (one for each shot) the alligator tears had subsided and the world seemed to be ok again!
The rest of our Monday was spent on a super exciting outdoors project...I'm going to leave you hanging until to tomorrow! Here are some clues: 2x10x8 and 2x10x10 times 2; 2,000 pounds of dirt = 1 ton; manicure greatly needed; spending now to save later...that's all I can think of!


Alisa said...

It's been such a long time since I've left a comment! My apologies - I'm still reading, though! I LOVE the story of your grandpa. What an amazing guy. His smile matches the stories. It cracks me up that he would move your car in the parking lot! Love that!

Love the cake. I'm taking that recipe down.

Anxious to see photos on your latest project.

Woo hoo to the poopy!

Your little lady is 5!?!? I can tell she's a smart little cookie and if you ever told me she has an ounce of naughyness in her, I wouldn't believe you. She seems like the sweetest little lady around. Kuddos to you, mom! We need more children like yours in our world!

...oh! and fun date!

peter marie said...

If you ever want help celebrating your anniversary, let us know!!

I'm guessing you are starting a garden? I hope so anyways! I really want to do one, but is it too late? I think we should start a community garden at church. Sign up to take turns taking care of it and then we can all benefit from it later. There's got to be room somewhere in the huge yard. That'd also mean less mowing!:)