Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

These pictures are completely out of order, but they are a few of my favorites! For my Sunday Seven this week, here are some of the things that I'm so grateful God has given my children in their daddy! (this is written to YOU, my love!)

I love how you sing with our kids and teach them songs about God and His love for them, His ultimate sacrifice for us, and the endless hope we have through Jesus Christ! I love that you don't just limit them to children's songs but teach them songs with words to0 big for their britches and theology so deep and far beyond their little minds. I pray these words will stick with them and that they will understand and experience their own relationship with Jesus Christ some day!
You are far more energetic and ambitious than I when it comes to playing with the kids! You are teaching them to dream big, try hard, and never give up! Plus, we all have a good laugh along the way!
I think the kids are smiling here because dad's almost done building his fortress and maybe they'll get to knock it down and get their blocks back! You are the "master builder"! Thanks for having so much fun with our children and teaching them how simple blocks can turn into an amazing fortress!
Thanks for always going along with my camera happy tendencies! This is my favorite scene--late a night, stealing a baby out of the crib and cuddling away!
It didn't take long for you to turn into a natural daddy! Cloe would just beam when you'd come through the door after work! Thanks for making all of our days exciting by entering with such a joyful and "can't wait to be with my family" attitude! Even after a long, tiring day at church, we still feel like the most important part of your day!
I don't think anyone but Cloe could get you to wear a Mickey Mouse sticker on your forehead! I love that you allow our kids to have so much fun with you--at your expense!
Here's one of those "dream big" and "try hard" moments! Even when I'm gasping in the back as a nervous nelly, you constantly challenge our kids and teach them to try new things. They love you for teaching them and putting your confidence in their little abilities.
I love how proud you are of your two boys! My favorite memory is from the hospital as you carried the two blue bundles back to our room--the guy carrying the "pink" balloon said, "Way to go, dude!"
I SO appreciate all the help you've been with the boys! It has drawn us so much closer and I don't take for granted how much you do for us! I am relieved that the middle of the night bottle races are done! You are undoubtedly the best poopy diaper changer in the world!

Our boys love you for being so willing to scoop them up and show them how the guitar works! I pray they want to serve God and use all their talents for Him!
I love how early you started in pouring God's Word into their little minds! Two days old--only 5 pounds each--but they'd heard so much of the Bible! I think they all are pretty thankful you've switched to the Big Picture Bible!

When it all started! I'd never seen you actually "enjoy" holding a baby--until Cloe! It was the best thing I'd ever seen--you're eyes just filled with love for her the minute you saw her! You would come home from work and immediately steal her into your arms every day! You had the perfect touch, too! She was always calm and happy for her daddy!

You are an amazing dad! I'm so thankful for the godly influence our children will have and the awesome example that is being set for them! You are truly a man of God and I'm so proud of you!