Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot Dog!

Today the kids and I headed down to the mall to walk around and check out the bargains. I had packed a little lunch box and told them we could buy something little, too. As I went through the ATM to get my grocery money, a bank teller yelled over, "Want some hot dogs!" She brought us four freshly grilled yummy hot dogs! They were having a free hot dog lunch to introduce their new free checking account. I told her I felt bad we didn't have an account there, but she was so incredibly friendly and just wanted to share with us. The kids kept yelling their thanks out the window. It all was pretty cute!
When we got to the mall, Cloe said, "Those hot dogs were sure nice for lunch so we could save our money!" (I think she's beginning to catch on to the penny pinching.) I had a great opportunity to talk her about our VBS verse from yesterday: My God shall supply all your needs... Lunch was definitely a need, and God provided something so unexpected. The coolest part was Cloe asking if we could stop and thank God for providing for our family. So, we stopped right by the door and prayed.
We had a fun time walking around the mall and even found a super cute little dress to give to our new cousin, Olivia!
Kids are napping and cookies are in the oven. I think I'm on my fourth batch of rhubarb cookies...I'm in a rut! Hopefully there will be new recipes next week!