Monday, June 30, 2008

My Project!

I completely ran out of time last night to work on a Sunday Seven because I was madly trying to finish this project before the boys came home today. When you see it, you'll probably think what's the big deal...but I have been trying to get it done for almost a whole year now (it was in last year's Pottery Barn Kids catalog--I'm a confessing copycat!). It seems like there is never enough time to keep the house clean, have everyone's tummies full, get the laundry finished and in place, and so on. BUT it's done! I love it! Here's my little artsy creation:
Cloe really likes it too, except she keeps asking when we get to draw eyes and smiles on everyone. Oh, that little girl better not even think of taking a crayon to it! :)


Jenn said...

very cute! And it's a recognizable profile. You will have to tell me how you did it, I am not good at figuring out those tricks.

peter marie said...

That's adorable!!! Great job! I love that idea. I may have to copy that someday too.....:)

Alisa said...

cuuuuh - uuuute!