Friday, June 6, 2008

Sippy Cups

Sippy Cups = My Demise
It seems at our house that there is a slime monster that creeps into the sippy cups often during the day and makes them GROSS! No matter how much scrubbing, soaking, and sanitizing I do to these cups, they still seem to get disgusting in a nano-second! I hate spending money on new sippy cups, but I also don't trust the boys to just use regular cups yet...
So, the other day, I was reading a blog by a Christian mom. She was talking about a Christian's role in complaining and how we often shy away because we don't want to harm our testimony. In fact, we sometimes even get walked on out of fear of coming across wrong. She encouraged her readers to follow up if an item they had purchased was not what they had expected or if it defective. Complaining can be done in a very polite and courteous, grateful manner and a person can still reflect Christ. SO, I put on my best, friendly, "sorry-to-bother-you" voice and called up the Playtex company. I told the customer service lady about our gross cups and asked if they had any special cleaning tips that they recommended. This girl was SO nice, she immediately responded that their cups were made especially NOT to get moldy or stained and they would be replaced immediately. I told her I wasn't trying to fish for free products, but she replied by thanking me for telling them and for not switching to another company. It was such a nice little phone call AND I'm getting two new cups of my choice!
Now, I'm not going to go wild calling all the companies where a product has failed me, but it was a great experience of going into something with a very courteous attitude and getting a great response! Good bye icky cups!


peter marie said...

That's awesome!! RJ's mom started calling companies when she was really happy with a product and they'd send her free stuff and coupons too. So we can call and nicely complain and just to tell them how much we love them and they'll give us free stuff.
Good to know!