Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Seven!

This week, I think I could have a Sunday "seventy"! It's been a really fun week and I'm just amazed at all the blessings God has given us!
Cloe had her last day of preschool at Des Moines Christian and we couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful teacher she has had for the last two years. Miss Marci was the most amazing teacher! She truly displayed God's love daily for our Cloe and also helped us to catch and correct Cloe's speech and hearing problems. Miss Marci totally gets the credit for having Cloe "kindergarten ready"! We will really miss her!

After school we headed to Estherville to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I'm so glad Cloe gets to experience life with grandparents and great-grandparents. This is our four-generation picture. I'm thankful for all the pictures we have--but still cherish everyone we get as my grandma gets older. One funny note--my grandma HATES cameras and will not smile for a picture. So right as my dad clicked the camera, Cloe said, "Underwear." Who new, whitey tidies would do the trick, Grandma!

On Friday, we went next door to my grandparents' farm and sifted through lots of memories and farm memorabilia. I always loved my grandpa's barn and especially the cute calves that came every spring. My grandpa had a fun little pony for awhile too, but my friend and I actually killed it on accident. One day, we were playing in the pasture and decided to pick some apples for the pony. We fed it a five-gallon pale of apples and the next day it died of some severe stomach problems. So sad! The farm is now for sale and another family will soon be making memories in our old barn.

I'm sure McClain will appreciate this next one someday! Yep--that's poopy in the potty! Yeah! We'll take any break-throughs in the potty area that we can get! Maybe someday we conquer potty training!

A highlight of the trip for Carson: THE JOHN DEERE TRACTOR! All the kids took turns "driving" the tractor with Grandpa, but Carson was totally in love with "farming"! He took the driving so seriously and loved every minute he got to spend driving the tractor. There were HUGE crocodile tears when Grandpa had to put it away. I'm really thankful that my parents were able to save all three of my grandpa's tractors and have them for the kids to get a taste of what farm life is like. Someday we'll be sportin' those tractors in a small town Iowa parade! We'll be the cool people throwing candy at the kids!

Here are some of our "finds" from the farm. Cody was Mr. Johnny-on-the-spot and got them all plants with flowers! Our doorway looks so cheery and colorful now! Plus it's fun to have memories at our front door!

My last thing today is probably my most favorite ever! This is my Grandpa Reed. I've always been Grandpa's Girl! He called me "Bun-bun" because my mom put my hair up a lot when I was little. No one else could get by with calling me by that nickname, but I loved it when Grandpa would call me that. I have the BEST memories with my Grandpa Reed. He always has LOVED ice cream. We would sneak to the basement and eat my grandma's ice cream right out of the carton. He always left his spoon in the carton and had one in his pocket for me. Then when grandma would holler for him to bring up the ice cream for dessert, it would be almost gone. We would giggle about how mad it made her! Grandpa always let me drive the tractor when I was little--even when I ran over two rows of beans and smashed a fence. (I was only 9!) When I turned 14, he taught me how to drive a car--granted he wore a bright red crash helmet in the car while driving in his alfalfa field. I'll never forget how he giggled the whole time! One time, we rode our bikes together around Clear Lake. As he got older, he would ride a moped and give me a pull every now and then. We'd always find a stop for ice cream, too! I know my Grandpa worked super hard on the farm, but he always had time for me. He'd let me pet the calves and show me how things worked. He also gave me my first car--a 76 Mercury. It was a total brown bomb. Just to be funny, he kept a key and would move it around the parking lot at school some days. I never knew where I'd find it! Then he'd laugh and laugh about it.
I have a zillion more memories, but my favorite one of all is when he would talk about when he accepted Christ as his Savior. I know all my immediate family has put their faith in Christ, but I only actually know the details of my Grandpa's salvation. He loved to talk about it. Grandpa had a really hard childhood. His father slapped his mouth so much he has a permanent "fat" lip. Then his dad hung himself in their barn. I know my Grandpa wanted to be different from his dad and didn't totally discover how that could happen through God's grace until a little into adulthood. He was in his 30's and my Uncle Gary was just a toddler. One Sunday after church, he held Gary on his knee as he prayed with the pastor and asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior. He'd always get tears in his eyes when he told me about that day. I LOVE that! I want my salvation to be something my children know about and hear about often. I want it to move me to such great gratitude that the emotions never grow cold or callous to the wonder of the cross. I love my Grandpa and I know he's closer than ever to the greatest home-going he'll ever have. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to grow up next door to the best grandpa in the world and to have a legacy of godliness left behind!