Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Seven

Nothing earth moving this week for my Sunday Seven, but here are seven great reminders of the wonderful life God has given our family!

McClain thinks mommy's cooking is all thumbs up! Like his enormous full-cover bib? He's our messy child! Just trying to protect as much clothing as possible! I love it that he thoroughly enjoys his meals (and my cooking)!

My sister took us to Living History Farms on Wednesday. We had a great time touring all the farms from the past! The kids went crazy over the animals! I love that my sister lives so close and our kids are the bestest of friends! Here's Cloe sportin' a funny pose in front of the cow...

Here's Cloe after the cow pose...ew! Cow poop! She totally flipped out while the rest of us giggled like crazy! Thank goodness for wet wipes...lots of wet wipes! She stepped SO carefully the rest of the day!

Wednesday night, Grandpa showed up to church in the same shirt as the cute! We love our newly mustache-less Grandpa! Unfortunately, while we were having all this fun, Grandpa and Grandma's entire basement was getting completely flooded and ruined. SO much work!

Thursday we went on another little field trip--this time to Blank Park Zoo. I'm SO thankful for the pass we got for Christmas! Our family won't be taking any vacations this summer, but thankfully, these little outings make it feel like we are having the best get-aways! The new elephant, Rosey, was so cute! The kids love seeing all the animals!

Here is Cloe's first experiment with photography! Not too bad! She loved this little ladybug that was crawling around our table. (Thanks to our friend, Heather, Cloe now seems to love bugs!) Our sissy boys sat in their high chairs and freaked out! So funny! Guess we'll have to have Heather hang out with them, too!

Today, we got our first Costco membership! A very great deal, too! Cody's sister Calli has a membership and they were able to switch to one card and get one with our name on it! So nice!
Lastly, I think the name of the company on this little gadget greatly sums up what we have at our house. Yes, we have a "guardian" sump pump for which we are SO grateful! BUT we also have an even GREATER GUARDIAN who cares for us more than we'll ever comprehend! Our Heavenly Father has not only kept us from having a flooded basement (like all of our neighbors), but He has kept His hand of protection on our family through the boy's asthma, safety in the storms, and provision for a more wonderful life than I could ever imagined!