Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Seven

This week was full of little things that totally bummed me out. Last night, I told Cody I thought I'd do a Sunday Seven of things that are bugging me or going not as planned. Of course, in his spiritual wisdom, he told me I could instead write on seven things that I'm glad God is in control of... Sounds a lot better to do that--also helps me refocus and confess my sinful ways!

Because of this....

...we don't get to go on a little trip this week. The GARBC conference was going to be held in Cedar Rapids, but because of the flooding they moved it to....Ankeny. AUGH! I'm not in love with the conference, but I am in love with a week in a hotel! No swimming fun...seriously...I'm crushed! BUT, I'm supposed to look at this thankfully--God apparently has something different for us to learn from this week. I'll let you know...
This week, Carson also had to go back on breathing treatments. It all happened just as they were leaving to go to my parent's house. Unfortunately, they still had to go to grandma's because it would be too hectic to try and take them with us to Ankeny everyday. Carson's doing breathing medicine and steroids...ugh! These turn him into a crazy man! BUT, Cody just spent the afternoon with a good friend whose baby has downs syndrome and desperately needs another heart surgery--which he might not survive. Cody said this sweet little boy was wheezing at least ten times harder than Carson ever has at his worst when he was in the hospital. God is good...Carson could be worse!
This one may seem little, but throughout my four years of college, I spent 47 weeks of it traveling. I LOVE to travel! As we went through the car wash the other day, I noticed that we didn't even have a single smushed bug on our windshield. No bugs = no traveling. Our family won't be taking a vacation this summer which really has bummed out. BUT, I know God has provided everything we NEED and if that doesn't include a vacation, it's a great time for me to practice and hone up those contentment skills!
The last MAJOR disappointment from my week was found while going out to inspect and work in our little garden. Some rascally varmint got in there and ate ALL our beautiful green bean plants. I'm still struggling to see how this can fit into being glad God is in control, but I'm sure I will see it some time...
Some highlights from the week that I am just down right super thankful for are times spent with friends enjoying new places to eat and beautiful weather, being married for nine years--which I can honestly say have been great, seeing our little garden grow (minus green beans), and having my boys SMILE the first time for a cute little picture on a John Deere Tractor (I'll post it soon).
This week is going to be busy going up to Ankeny everyday and trying to maintain a good attitude about the whole thing (seriously--the WHOLE thing--commutes, music, speakers, dressing up...all without my best "L" sidekick). I am earnestly seeking what God has in store for me to learn this week and pray that my selfishness won't hinder the great lessons and blessing He has for us!


Alisa said...

Why does it feel a little better to hear someone else's hard weeks? Thanks for sharing this, Londa. Life has such an ebb and flow to it. I'm sorry your little man is back on breathing treatments! And that conference is in Ankeny! And that silly bean-stealing animal! I love your perspective and that you still look for the lessons.

...and I LOVE the photos on your next post!