Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What would happen if...

This morning, I was listening to the Today Show and heard this very interesting segment. What would happen if Cody or I were to die? It's not a happy thought, but yet we never know the number of days God has planned for our lives. We have a will, but this little segment added SO much to the thoughts of what would happen immediately to our children. We'll definitely be doing some more planning after hearing this!
First read this excerpt from the book that was being highlighted (Beware--I've only read this chapter, so I'm not endorsing the whole book! Christians obviously will have a different perspective on some things).
Then go here to start making a detailed plan for your family. By the way, it's not easy to pick guardians for children, but we'd be happy to take them all! I use to worry that the guardians we picked for our children would not raise them the way we would do it, but then my perspective flipped a little. If we ever take guardianship of my niece and nephew, I will feel so privileged that they chose us for the honor of raising their children I know I will try my hardest to honor my sister by doing things exactly or as close as I can to how I know she would be pleased...that helps with the decisions!
So...happy estate planning!