Monday, July 7, 2008

A crazy story!

Our Monday tradition for the last several months has been to head down to Spaghetti Works and enjoy their "Kids Eat Free" day. It's been a great deal, and we've all enjoyed it...until today!
We spent a little while at the Science Center and then headed over for lunch. As we were eating, I thought Cody kind of brushed my foot with his foot and I just asked him if he had enough feet room...he said he hadn't moved his feet. Just probably a weird coincidence...
Then, as we were ready to leave, we asked Cloe to grab McClain's flip-flops from underneath the table. She put her head under the tablecloth and came back up pretty quickly saying she'd seen ........a MOUSE. GASP! I swooped up Carson from the floor, grabbed Cloe and literally jumped away from our table. Cody peaked his head under the table and sure enough, there was little mouse nibbling on some food in the corner. AUGH!!!!!!!!!! I totally wanted to freak out, start screaming and wiggling my body in that "I JUST SAW MOUSE" little jig that just comes naturally...however, since I'm the mom, I tried to hold it together. In a very mature, calm manner, I grabbed the closest server and quietly said, "There's a MOUSE under our table." She quickly got both managers and they came over and peaked under the tablecloth, too. Funny enough, they didn't see it until Cody pointed it out. SO gross! While they stood around deciding what to do, we packed up to leave. Unfortunately, we'd already paid our bill and no one was offering any paybacks. We also had some leftovers in a box, but we decided quickly to leave those behind! I think our nice little Monday tradition has suddenly halted! We'll be looking for somewhere new with free kid's meals to dine! See you later, dirty little mousy! Ew, gross, augh, squrim, wiggle, ew, ack, chills...I don't think I'll be able to eat spaghetti for months to come!


peter marie said...

Gross! But honestly it doesn't suprise me. I like that place, but I always think it smells like a barn. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

We were walking by a restaurant in Minneapolis one day and it wasn't opened for lunch, but we saw a nice little mouse wandering around. Yeah, we never went to that one!

Jenn said...

The freaky thing is that it didn't scurry away, and was quite comfortable hanging out under your table. That means it had probably been living there a while. Eww yuck!