Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Marvelous Monday

Our Monday together as a family was so much fun I just have to post a few pictures! We crammed about a half a weeks worth of vacation-like activities into about 9 hours...phew!
First, we had to come up with a new Monday tradition for lunch. We headed to the South side for some good authentic Italian pizza! It was super tasty, but I can't remember which Italian named place it was exactly...
Next we headed to the zoo! The aquariums are always a huge hit! We debated telling Cloe about the "cure" for getting stung by a jelly fish. (You pee on it...have you seen that old Friends episode?) We know she would think that was extremely funny and probably gross too, but we decided to save that story for another day.

Next, it was off to the train! Our first ride ever--thanks to Member Monday where you can ride the train for FREE! I seriously can't imagine paying $1.95 EACH for the 4 minute ride around a quarter of the outside of the zoo...but free = pretty nice!
This was my favorite part! From the moment that train whistle blew, this little hand just waved and waved...mostly at the bushes and trees. It was such a passionate waive like it meant a lot to the animals. If I worked at a zoo, I'd train a tiger to waive back...that would be sweet!
This was my other favorite part...the boys insisted on wearing these little sun hats. They looked so cute just barely peering over the fence!

A little squinty! The bench by the giraffes is where we always take a little break while we let the kids out to burn off some energy. Sorry girls, but it's more fun on the bench with Cody than with a bunch of moms. :)
Please just give us one good shot with everyone looking at the camera...please...smile! Pretty good! Thanks for lots of fun, Blank Park Zoo! We conquered everything but the goats...ew!
Off to home for some quick naps...

After nap time, we headed to a really cool park up in Johnston. We had a fun picnic supper.
This picture cracked me up--could I have gotten a better picture of all their eyes in weird blinky stages? This is also Cloe itching the first of the million mosquito bites she would get...they just like that sweet little girl!

Next we hopped on our BIKES! The trails were beautiful! There were tons of super cool bridges, a creek that the trail followed with beautiful rushing water, and lots and lots of colorful flowers! It totally felt like we had been removed from Iowa and set down in some green lush country.

It was the *boys*

and the *girls*!

This was my favorite thing along the trail, but it was getting dark when I took this picture. The whole back yard was completely full of artsy flower arrangements. Hopefully we'll get back soon during the daylight so I can capture more of this beautiful yard!

That was our Monday! It was a super lovely day!
We hit the trails again tonight but tried a different trail. It wasn't quite as pretty and now I've officially got a bad case of *biker bottom*!


peter marie said...

What a FUN day! I love how you guys do such fun, active things with your family.

YES, we are very seriously considering going to the Desiring God conf, and I'm sure we'll go. It would be great sprititually, of course, and great socially too!:)