Monday, July 21, 2008

Mindless Mondays

Do you ever have days where your mind is just awash of random are a few of mine on this cloudy Monday!

Why aren't the names *Harold* *Gerald* *Ronald* *Donald* *Dorothy* *Sharon* *Shirley* *Carol* popular anymore? Seriously, who wouldn't want a little Harry running around? Check out the social security website on popular names throughout the years...interesting!

We had a guy visiting our church yesterday that I believe is trying out for the Fireman's Calendar...if I'm not mistaken. Tall, tan, stood in the way to make his arm muscles bulge out a little more. He made the "bowl cut" of the 90's still look hip... Cody thought he fit the stereotype, too.

Why is a BM always so bothersome? I'm talking the quarterly church BM, although the other is not always pleasant either. They both turn this is just going in the gutter quickly.

I just read a blog about a worship pastor's wife from DM who had a horrible migraine and went to the emergency room. She was having a brain aneurysm that was bursting. They did emergency surgery, and she miraculously survived. They don't know if she will come out of the coma or ever be well again. They have two girls (7 & 5) and a 10 day old baby boy. I don't know her, but I've been praying for her and her family a lot today.

This heat and humidity really zap my energy. I don't miss the snow, but I could use one long nice breezy day in the low 70's.

Obviously, after reading this, you will realize it was about nothing. Sorry for the 73 seconds of life that you'll never get back! I'm sure there are more promising blogs in my future!


peter marie said...

I like random days.

If you need to get out, I'm meeting Jessica Christie at Valley West play land at 3:00!