Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Seven

This long holiday weekend was FANTASTIC! I have a lot of pictures I'll be posting tomorrow!
Here's a quick Sunday Seven:
1. I'm SUPER thankful for the extra day Cody had off to spend with all of us! We had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July as a family! The kids are just at the start of those perfect ages to totally enjoy all the wonder and awe of a holiday involving parades, picnics, horses, and fire...fireworks!
2. Who couldn't be thankful for a great country like America where we enjoy freedoms that have been fought for and preserved for by our forefathers! (added sure to vote educated so we ensure these freedoms in ALL areas!)
3. Carson is saving us the $$$ in the diaper department! Yeah! McClain is slooooowly getting there...every 18 cents counts, though!
4. Cloe is totally picking up on the reading readiness skills! I'm so thankful she is getting the hang of what reading on her own is all about before she heads off to kindergarten!
5. I'm thankful for a great little quote Cody found from the Desiring God Blog about 12 sins that we justify. Super was followed up by a great message from PT$ about idols that take the place of our worship...good, good, good! Definitely one to hit up on the podcast if you missed it!
6. So, speaking of idols, this one may seem like an idol--but seriously--to God be the glory for His provision for our family's needs (and maybe a desire or two)! GAP had 25% off the clearance prices this weekend! I found some amazing deals for the whole family! (Cody only got socks, but it still counts, right!?!)
7. Lastly, I'm really thankful our church has a new pastor coming this fall. It will be great to have a new leader and to see how God will use him to build the body of Christ!

***This is totally random, but I thought it was pretty funny. Cody is playing the Wii online with random people from around the world. It's pretty interesting. Right now, he's racing....Jesus. Seriously. The little Wii guy even looks like Jesus. No kidding. Now how's that for strategy. Who's going to throw a turtle shell or a banana peel at...Jesus.