Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Seven

I'm thankful for God giving us McClain...such a sweet boy and yet stretching me in so many ways! He LOVES his food and thoroughly enjoys every last little matter where it ends!

Carson is pretty thrilled with being so clean! I'm thankful that this little guy is conquering diapers! Only pull-ups and underwear for him! In just a few weeks it will be two years ago that we were in the hospital watching his oxygen levels and praying that he would pull through the asthma/pneumonia/respiratory distress. Last night, we started him on breathing treatments again. My hearts desire would be that God would allow Carson to outgrow his breathing problems, but until then, we'll keep praying, trusting, and nebulizing!

I think this is the best part of the garden so far--cucumbers! I'm thankful for the big smiles they bring!

More big smiles for cucumbers!
Last night we went to a going away party for our friends Rian and Heather Bess and their boys Trey and Gavin. I'm really thankful God brought them to Willow Creek even if it was just for a year. They are so sweet and we thoroughly loved having them around! God has led them back to Missouri, and we'll really miss them!

Thanks to Lutheran Church of Hope for hosting such a fantastic closing night for their VBS. We love watching their fireworks display from our neighborhood. It's not quite as grand as the closing VBS ceremonies held at Willow Creek...

Thanks to this little monster, our kids are the beneficiaries of really cheap clothes for next summer! 50% off the clearance, 15% off coupon, 10% off credit card, free was almost too easy!