Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's McClain?

Yesterday I went upstairs to get the boys up from their naps, and their door was mysteriously open. I went in and the crib tent was also unzipped. *ONE* boy was *missing*! Cloe and I had been doing a mix of things in the backyard, in the garage, in the basement...I had no idea where this boy had slipped to. We all started hollering McClain's name...nothing. After a few minutes of searching the whole house, I checked the backyard...then I got panicky! I thought he surely must have slipped out the front door while we were back in the garden. I ran outside and started yelling his name and looking up and down the street...nothing! (Of course, horrible pictures of "the worst" were happening in my head...)
By this time, around 5 minutes has passed. I'm about ready to really freak out...when at the top of the stairs, McClain appears! "Where were you!?!" "I hiding from you under Cloe's bed!" Then he did this little evil giggle thing...augh!
The little evil giggle smile thing didn't last long. First, Cloe pulled out her mother hen speech, "Clainey, you should not hide from your mommy. That's not nice." Then Carson echoed, "Not nice, Clainey!" Then I don't want my speech here...
McClain did pull out his charm at the end..."I not hide from you mommy." Ahhhh. Think the sweet will stick? At least I know I'll stay calm and collected in case of a real emergency...well, maybe I better keep working on that!