Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amusement Coming Soon!

Tomorrow Cloe has a birthday party at Adventureland, so the whole family is going to tag along and enjoy the fun! I'm pretty excited! In fact, this is probably the most excited I've ever been to visit Iowa's most famous, yet slightly lame, amusement park. I guess that's what a summer without true traveling will do to you! I think we all truly appreciate the simple things in life more and have found tons of enjoyment out of our great little city here!
So, in preparation of our new day, we, of course, needed new clothes. Right? Cody's ten year old swim trunks really needed replacing, so we found some oober cool ones at American Eagle. He's so trendy...actually, they were really cheap!
Today at Target, the kids and I had some super great bonding time in the dressing room. Wait, it wasn't great at all--3 energetic kids, 1 jumbo stroller, bags of cereal flying all over, hangers being shot across the small closet, lots of singing and yelling...BUT we found a deal and everyone is back to hugs and kisses! I know this picture looks slightly cheesy, but I think this little number will be perfect over my swimming suit. They also are having a lot of great deals at Target...shorts for $6, shirts for $2 and $3...
So, hold on to your shorts, we'll be tearin' it up tomorrow! Hopefully, I'll catch a lot of good pictures to share our day with you!