Friday, August 1, 2008

Booty, God, Booty

How's that for a title? Bet that got your attention! Yep, I''m still a pastor's wife, and I hope this doesn't get me in trouble! No, it won't...keep reading...
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

#113. Booty, God, Booty.

In Atlanta, my favorite radio station is V103, the “People’s Station.”

It's a hip hop station that plays mostly rap and R&B. The best part of V103 is their morning show. Everyday when I’m driving to work they do what they call an “Inspirational Vitamin.” They read a Bible verse and play a gospel song or a clip by a charismatic minister from Atlanta. I honestly find it to be an uplifting experience overall. The thing I find most interesting however is how they wedge the Inspirational Vitamin into their normal programming. What often happens is that right before they transition to the spiritual segment of the show they play some sort of booty song. Let’s say, “I’m in love wit a stripper.” Then they do the Bible verse and then they go back to booty music when it’s over. The essentially bookend the Inspirational Vitamin with booty, following a fairly simple formula – Booty, God, Booty.

It’s easy to laugh at how insincere that Inspirational Vitamin seems when it’s sandwiched between hardcore rap songs, but to do so misses the bigger point – we Christians often live our lives the same way. Maybe God is listening to the broadcast of my day and this is what he hears:
  1. Quiet time in the morning. Read the Bible, prayer, give thanks.

  2. Go into work and act completely different and disconnected from God.Come home.

  3. Spend time with wife. Read the Bible, pray.
Chances are, that to many outside listeners, the format of my life is just as out of synch as the people station’s “booty, God, booty.” It might not be as graphic or as neon, but the juxtaposition between who I am when I’m in “God mode” and who I am when I’m in work mode is pretty substantial.

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times before from other Christian writers, but next time you transition between two parts of your day, think to yourself, “Did I just go booty, God, booty?”

If nothing else, it’s a fun phrase to say.

Back to me now...I thought this was interesting because although I am at home and don't struggle too much with the transitions of living life in several places...mine's all in one place: home...I do notice that when I focus on honoring God ALL THE TIME with my life, my attitudes toward cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, driving, playing, get the idea...suddenly change as I realize it ALL is an opportunity to bring glory to God. Do I reflect HIM in a way that would make others want to share in HIS GLORY...or do I just turn it on for "church" and times when "I decide" I should witness. I'm sure some people will scowl in disdain at the *booty, God, booty* radio station, but how much more shameful if that really does reflect in a life!