Monday, August 18, 2008


Cloe is heading to school this week. She seems very excited. Me...not so much. I'm 99% sure I know why a lot of moms choose to homeschool during the last week leading up to kindergarten...
Fresh tissues are lined up and ready to as soon as that bus pulls away (yeah, the BIG yellow bus with a strange driver, no seatbelts, and probably tons of swearin' naughty kids).
I'll try to post a happy blog soon, but for's all blue.


peter marie said...

Have fun at Splash!!!

Are you going to do the 20.08 special??

I didn't because it was swordfish, and that's one fish you can't eat while prego, and had the Splash Mahi Mahi. I didn't like it a ton so I wouldn't recomend that one.:)

Hope Chloe's first day went well!!