Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Fun Day!

Today has been one of the best fun-packed Saturdays we've had this summer! It started early this morning with the second day of our *garage sale*! This was only fun because 1--we made $$$ and 2--Cody went out and got treats and then hung out with us in the boring garage the WHOLE time! Here's my favorite image from this morning...Can you guess what he was saying...MCCLAIN, I AM YOUR FATHER...funny boys!

After a quick naptime, we headed to this:
The ArtFest was really fun. First we listened to these *cool cats* play some funky music. The boys loved it! McClain leaned over and said, "Mom, I want some of that. Get me some of those." Kind of young to decide, but I guess he wants his own band--maybe there are some big guitar purchases in our future!
Next we headed to the inflatables. Each inflatable had a cool sign with a little "Christian" story or illustration about it. ALL boys loved jumping and sliding--Cody had to help them get the hang of it! This slide looked like a sinking boat--we thought the sound track from Titanic would have been a great addition in the background.

Mmmm...our favorite treat: HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE! We all thought whoever invented shaving ice, topping it with a little syrup, and selling it was a pure genius!

Then it was off to look at the best part: THE ART! Of course, this is our favorite artist--and a cute little momma-to-be side-kick!

There were two other artists that really stood out to me. This one had some great art done with old pictures and clipped words. Check it out! I think this art will go into my "someday when I suddenly turn artsy-fartsy projects to do" file. I know, I know...I'm a HUGE artist wanna-be! This one had a great idea for a photography party. It was really fun looking at everyone's art. There are SO many talented people out there!

This mural was the point of the whole ArtFest (I think). Several artists were able to put Psalm 23 into this mural. It was pretty cool to look at and relate their interpretation to the verses.

SO, there you go! Our super fun Saturday! Hope you all had great days, too!


peter marie said...

That was a fun day! Thanks again so much for coming. Just when RJ and I think you guys can not be any nicer or more thoughtful, you go and do something else. You are the best! The Skittles and pop made my day.:)

I love that collage photograph art too. Looks like a fun project....

I'll see you tonight! My mom just left so we spent the morning together and Henry spent the morning recovering. Yikes!