Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Saturday!

The gardening adventure has turned out to be quite a prosperous one. The other day, by 9:15 in the morning, I had sliced three big cucumbers and each child had eaten an entire cucumber---for breakfast. Weird, I know.
Last night, we enjoyed some homemade pico de gallo with our own tomatoes! It tastes so fresh and yummy! When I was pregnant with the boys, I could not get enough of the stuff and it almost ruined it for me. I couldn't eat it at all last year, but this out!

It's super easy to make. Chop up four jumbo juicy tomatoes, one small onion, and a several leaves of cilantro. Add salt and fresh minced garlic (or garlic salt). Stir and enjoy! Cody loves to add hot peppers to his bowl. If you let it set overnight with the peppers, it will be super spicy hot!

This morning I got to enjoy one of the best things I think I've ever experienced! Calli hooked me up with a FREE facial at the new Serenity Spa! It was crazy nice! I had no idea what a facial was, so I was a little apprehensive...but it's like part massage, part pedicure, and then a really, really nice long facial cleansing, washing, moisturizing with steaming hot clothes and really good smelling things...The best part, of course, was that is was free. I can totally see how ladies get sucked into going to spas and spending a ton of money, though. It was so relaxing and made my face feel like a million bucks. I can't tell you how nice it should try one sometime! Then let me know because they have "buddy" facials where you go with a friend and they have you in the same room. Now wouldn't that be fun!

This week was a crazy busy but fun week! Our trip to Iowa City was so nice. We really enjoyed being with the Campus Bible Fellowship group. They have a small group of only about 20 kids, but they all seemed so genuine about Christ. I'm sure it's especially hard to take a stand at a University that ranks in the top 15 of all party schools. We hope to be able to go back again and lead part of their Thursday night activities.

One super cool thing we tried on the way out of town was a new place in Johnston. Bandit Burrito just opened on July 1st. If you like Pancheros, Chipotle, or Qdobas, this place will blow you away! They have the best selection of everything from tortilla flavors to wild rice, sauteed vegetables and tons of amazing toppings. Definitely a place to go again! They have a family meal, too, that's $18 for two adult meals, two children's meals and four sodas. What a steal of a deal! The owner was really friendly and hopes to open more of these shops as soon as he pays this one off. I'm trying to help him with some free advertising. :)

This weekend is going to be super long and nice! The best part: Cloe doesn't go back to school until Wednesday! Gotta love those "Teacher Work Days"!

Happy Labor Day!


peter marie said...

What a fun week you've had! I'm glad Cloe will have some extra time at home next week too.:)

Your pico stuff sounds delicious!