Friday, August 8, 2008

Please pray!

**Update on Sunday night: Grandpa seems to want to defy the odds. His blood pressure has gone up to a little bit more normal range, breathing is much easier, and he even ate a little lunch today. My mom has decided to go home tonight; we're praying it will be a restful night for all.

Thought I'd put this out there in case any of you were checking blogs late tonight...
The nursing home just called me and my grandpa probably won't make it through the night. They couldn't reach my parents, so I'm the first on the list to call. My grandma said he grabbed her hand and said, "Go to the farm with me." Then he shut his eyes and hasn't responded to anyone since. I know he's so excited to meet Jesus his Savior. My grandpa is the one person whose testimony I know by heart. He still would talk about it with such joy.
Thanks for praying for my family! The next few hours of waiting will be hard, but then we hope to truly celebrate a home-going of a faithful saint whom I'm proud to call my grandpa!
**Update: Well, as of 8:00 this morning, Grandpa is still hanging in there. My parents got there around 11:30 pm and both "slept" in chairs by his side. We'll just wait and pray!
**Another update: Have I mentioned that we think my grandpa has nine lives? His blood pressure got as low as it can get and yet still be alive last night, and today it has come back up. Still low, but he's resting peacefully. He has opened his eyes and told my mom, "I love you." My grandpa is 96 years old and still has all three of his siblings living: Lester--98, Myrle--92, and Gerald--88. Thanks for praying! In God's time, we know He'll take him home!


peter marie said...

I'm so sorry!!! (and sorry that we called so early-I'm sure you were up late and didn't get much sleep)

We'll be praying for your family.

Alisa said...

I'm praying for your grandpa and entire family!