Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Seven

This Sunday Seven may have typos--it's a risk I'm willing to take to be able to watch the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics!
That's got to be #1 this week! We have all loved watching the great events (and the obscure ones too) of the Olympics! I kind of hate that we won't get this again for four years! With exception to a few too many Speedos, tv just usually isn't this clean, inspiring, touching, and entertaining! I am looking forward to going to bed a little bit earlier, though, and not tearing up at the National Anthem every night!
#2--I'm really thankful that Cloe likes school and has been so brave this week! If I'm the one shedding tears and not her, then I'm thrilled! We've also started praying for a little mean girl on the bus and praying for a good friend to come along. I am trusting God to be faithful in providing for this need!
#3--My mom and dad will be coming down on Wednesday for several days! (but staying at my sister's house...)
#4--This one has been awhile in coming...Cody led music at Jr. High Camp and got a negative, verbal vibe from a few people...but God is showing His faithfulness to us for being willing to serve Him! That week at camp, we met the leader of campus ministries at the University of Iowa and this Thursday we get to go to Iowa City this week and do the music for a kick-off night for a campus ministry group. I'm really excited!
#5--I'm really thankful for my friends at church--they really are endless encouragers and just super cool girls in general! :)
#6--We had a great time at a neighborhood picnic and met a super nice new Christian family. It was also cool to get to know people better. I'm praying that God will give us boldness to reach out with Christ's love to these people! (...and Carson tried a gulp of Bud Light out of someone's cooler...)
#7--I'm really thankful for Cody! We got to go on a special birthday date this week (with some pretty cool friends, too!)! Sometime I'll pull together some really great, sappy post for him, but for now, just know he's one pretty amazing hunka 'hunk 'o burnin' love! Just what you wanted to know!

Have a great week!