Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Seven

This week has just flown by! It was a week full of exciting times and many things to be thankful for!
1. I'm so thankful Cloe loves school. It's getting easier for the rest of us, too! We got to meet with her teacher again and also found out that Cloe has taken a "lonely" little boy under her wing at recess. It happens to be the little boy from the family that we keep crossing paths with! So cool! Cloe also won a special award in PE! She's totally not me when it comes to PE--she loves it!

2. Who couldn't be thankful for this great weather!?!

3. I'm thankful for the great DRAKE students we have at Willow Creek. They helped us pass out around 800 Popsicles and fliers to the new freshman class. 10 kids signed up for more information and for our Bible Study! Pretty cool! I don't think when I was a freshman, if I had gone to Drake, that I would have had enough guts to go to the "Baptist" table and sign up. I'm praying for God to work on the Drake campus and use our students for His glory!

4. I'm thankful for our totally stellar MOPS group! It's going to be one amazing year--all because Willow Creek moms are willing to be used by God to reach others for His glory--and have lots of great fun doing it! You better come if you're a mom!

5. I'm thankful for my mom and dad being so willing to come down and babysit so I can go with Cody to different ministry things. It was great to have them around and to get to spend some extra time with Cody!

6. I'm thankful for the FREE pack of diapers I got in the mail this week! They came with a short survey to fill out--which will result in a $10 check when returned! YEAH!!!

7. There are so many other things to be thankful for, but it's getting late... I'm thankful for my funny kids! McClain and Carson LOVE to sneak out of their crib. My sister was babysitting last week and heard them jump out. When she went upstairs, she only saw Carson. She asked, "Where's McClain?" McClain replied, "He hiding under here...shhh." McClain also told one of our favorite prego mommas that she was pretty today. Funny and out little ladies!