Thursday, August 14, 2008

U Gotta Love It!

The Iowa State Fair!!!

Thanks to P.M. I've been hungry for a hot beef sundae now for two days...I should have tried it...ahh, regrets of the State Fair...

No regrets here! I tried THIS and it was amazing!

Salted Nut Roll...ooey goodness, caramel, pecans, chocolate...yum!!!
Right after Cody and I shared this, I saw a shirt that said, "I went to the Iowa State Fair and all I got was Type 2 Diabetes." Agree!
This picture probably totally qualifies me as a true 4-H geek turned stalker...this was my 4-H judge for nine years. She also works for the Iowa Egg Council, so every year we have a happy little reunion in the Agricultural Building. She's who helped form me into the happy little domesticated homemaker I am today...just kidding. She did give me a LOT of blue ribbons though!

The butter cow! Even when it's a cruddy picture, it's still a moving sight. Moment of awe and wonder at what we can do out of ...butter...
We let the bambinos out for a picture and almost lost them to the carnies...
After sweatin' with the animals, nothing refreshes you like a little sticky cotton candy!

Next year, I'm going to begin working on incognito pictures of the Iowa State Fair Fashion. You've got to love the people who just put it all out there...literally! Wife-beaters, cut-offs, bib overalls, bikini tops (on those who really shouldn't!), fanny packs...what else am I missing?