Friday, September 5, 2008

Some Random Cute Things

Ahhhh...who doesn't love a little hand holdin' on tight!
That circus at Adventureland is pretty intense!

McClain said, "Ah, I crashed."
"And now I dead." What a morbid kid!
Tuesday was a pajama day since Cloe didn't have school. The kids played "train" all morning...
New shoe...cute feet!
New jeans...cute bottom!
Trying on our winter coats 'cuz mommy's a little crazy about the cold weather coming...gotta be prepared! Don't they look too grown-up?
These cute little boots were a steal of a deal! I hadn't really gone garage saling all summer, but during our power walk on Thursday, we can across a fun little garage sale. A girl can always use more shoes, right!?! To top it off, we got a great tip on a sale with twin boy clothes! (Thanks, Abby!) Garage saling can get a little addicting, I think--it's a good thing it's toward the end of the season!